Taylor Wharton: Cryogenic Refrigerators, Dewars and Freezers

出自: 亞太氣體實業有限公司  2010/10/07
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   CX Series (Cryo Express) - Environmental and Biological Shippers HC Series (High Capacity) - Refrigerators for storing large quantities  of materials at cryogenic materials
 LD Series (Liquid Dewars) - Dewars for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen
LS Series -  Aluminum Refrigerators designed  for large vial capacities up to 6000 vials in box type racks
LABS Series - All Stainless Steel Freezers designed for -190°C vapor storage for large vial capacities up to 80K in box type racks.
 XT Series (Extended Time) - Refrigerators designed for long-term storage of materials at cryogenic temperatures
 K Series - Liquid nitrogen storage with controllable temperatures between (-100°C to -196°C) Accessories Controllers
We are one of  sales agent of Taylor Wharton on its Cryogenic Refrigerators, Dewars and Freezers products. Welcome to inquriy

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