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interlining fabric wholesale發布自interlining interfacing

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lightweight fusible interfacing fabric發布自interlining interfacing 縮略圖

lightweight fusible interfacing fabric

lightweight fusible interfacing fabric Composition: 100% polyester, nylon, polyester with nylon Coating: PA, PES. Glue type: paste dot, micro dot,

Non Fusible Interfacing Supplier發布自interlining interfacing 縮略圖

Non Fusible Interfacing Supplier

Non Fusible Interfacing Supplier Composition: 100% polyester. Technical: chemical bonded. Coating: LDPE. Weight: 20gsm-125gsm. Width: 36″ / 40″ / 60″.


Felt Fabric

Felt Fabric Details: 1. Composition: 100% polyester. 2. Technical: needle punched. 3. Width: 36″, 44″, 48″. 4. Length: 50Y, 100Y.