Quality Lanyard

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出自: Innochoice Ltd   2009/11/07
關鍵字 吊繩, 証件套 証件繩 製品 精品, 証件繩,

We offer high quality personalized lanyards at low costs. We take your design and text and imprint or sew it into your choice of colored lanyards. We offer a variety of methods to fit all budgets and quality as well as numerous attachments to personalize the lanyards to fit your needs.

我們提供高質量的個性化吊帶 成本低。我們需要您的設計和文字印記或縫到您選擇的色吊帶。我們提供了多種方法,以適應所有預算和質量以及眾多附件個性化繩以滿足您的需求。

關鍵字 吊繩, 証件套 証件繩 製品 精品, 証件繩,